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Facilitation Reflection (FLIF) – Week 11

Facilitation Reflection (FLIF) – Week 11

F — How did you feel while you were preparing for and delivering your mini-lesson?

With two people, the preparations were stressful, but we were still able to get together and discuss what we wanted to do multiple times and create a plan that seemed great. The delivery was less stressful than I expected because we planned for every little step throughout the week, making it pretty easy and straightforward.

L — What did you like most about your lesson? Your peers’ lessons?

I loved creating the feedback video. It was the surge of energy I needed during a couple of stressful weeks where I was pretty burnt out. I hope the students enjoyed it as well. Other than that, I really liked that Nearpod collected every answer and participation percentages from each student. Nearpod, even with its lack of customizable features, was so nice to use and had everything on one page to analyze.

I really enjoyed the platforms and websites that the other two groups used. It was a breeze to navigate through their lessons. Both groups had great activities. I loved both Group 1’s icebreaker game and Group 2’s learning activity that helped us with our audit course. The two groups did a fantastic job. I know that their current and future students will have a blast with their creative online classes.

I — How could you improve on your lesson?

I would use a different platform. Most of what I want to improve is because of the limitations of Nearpod and its options. I want to improve the text, picture placement, and backgrounds. Nearpod is extremely simple but still effective with activities and participation analysis.

F — What did you think of the feedback you received? What was it like providing feedback to your peers?

I think the feedback I received is fair and valuable. Most of it was because of Nearpod’s limiting character count, accessibility for voice input, and not having the student’s names on the collaborative boards (which was news to me because I could see everyone’s name). The feedback gave me some things to think about and improve upon. I wonder if there is a different platform other than Nearpod that implements my desired features and allows more creative freedom in its design.

Providing feedback for the other groups was easy because it was mostly positive. They did a great job, and I wanted to let them know of that fact. I especially liked the Jamboard that they used for feedback and how you could place your feedback note under different categories.

I enjoyed this assignment a lot, both as a participant and facilitator.

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